When you are struggling with an addiction, it’s tempting to tell yourself that your struggle isn’t a big deal. After all, you’re only hurting yourself a little bit, but not anyone else, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. The effects of addiction are far-reaching, and they affect many areas of life. One of these is your workplace. When you have a habit that you are not able to kick, you will find that it affects your ability to do your job and connect with your coworkers.

Drug Use May Reduce Your Intellectual Abilities

While each drug has a different effect on the user, many contribute to lessened intellectual capabilities. Consider, as an example, addiction to marijuana. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 48 different studies found that marijuana use was connected to a reduced level of educational attainment, which, in turn, points to lowered intellectual abilities. While this does, eventually, wear off, the effect will impact your performance in the workplace.

This effect is not isolated to marijuana use. Most controlled substances have a mental effect, dulling the senses or limiting decision-making capabilities, and this will affect your success on the job. No matter what your line of work may be, if you want to excel and advance, you need to be at your best mentally. Using drugs can diminish this.

Drug Use May Make You More Prone to Workplace Injuries

Many drugs hinder your decision-making abilities, as well as your balance and coordination. This puts you at a higher risk for a work-related injuries or accidents. If you are using drugs at the time of a job-related accident, your company’s workman’s compensation insurance may not have to pay for your injuries, leaving you with hefty medical bills. In the same report on marijuana use, the National Institute on Drug Abuse stated that postal workers who tested positive for marijuana had 85 percent more injuries on the job.

Drug Addiction Causes Work to Take a Back Seat

No matter which drug you are addicted to, HelpGuide.org warns that your addiction will create a craving that grows to the point that it becomes more important than anything else, including your career. This can create a downward spiral as you stop fulfilling your responsibilities at the job, are passed over for promotions and start getting in trouble for your poor performance. Soon your addiction may cause you to miss work without good reason, and this can eventually lead to a loss of a job.

Unfortunately, addiction affects every area of your life, including your ability to do your job well. If you have been afraid of facing the reality of your addiction, take a closer look at your career. Are you reaching your full potential at work, or does your driving desire for your drug of choice keep preventing you from giving yourself completely to your job?

Help is available. Simply give us a call for a confidential consultation with one of our drug abuse counselors. Let us help you get the victory over addiction, so you can enjoy a rewarding, fulfilling career.


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